• Layten i`m joining this wiki now¬†

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    • OK, ill hopefully see you in chat later then

      PS - like the new look?

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    • New offers by HHW staff

      OK, I just found something new developed over night:

      Layten & Ryne-

      A community consensus was reached earlier tonight regarding Lancemoon (a.k.a. Doug), and that was:

      He is allowed on our own private wikis (such as HRCW, HDW, etc.. ) provided he behaves and makes no trangressions.

      If he performs well, in given time (at least a year), he may be unblocked on HHW (his 13th b-day is in December).

      P.S. He made a full apology in the JoshStuff chat.

      Most staff members have supported this idea.

      I also support, very clearly, as I have given you a trial on here, and let you have admin rights on an older wikia of mine
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    • A FANDOM user
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