Hurricane Abigail was a massive storm that formed near Cape Animate, Cartoonland, North Imaginationland. It was Category 3 storm that raced across the North Ocean on October 6, 2017 after forming on October 3. Hurricane Abigail reached Flytugul at 6:00 pm October 6, ruining a beautiful Friday.

Preparations and Impact


New Shorsey

In New Shorsey, many thought the storm would hit, prompting a state of emergency for the area. However, it ended up with light rain but big waves in North City.


In Cartoonland, President WiiLove Animals prompted everyone to stay calm. Cape Animate saw storm surges of up to five feet high. At Digiton D.C. (District of Characters), winds of up to 83 mph damaged windows from buildings. Flooding was seen in such areas.

Nintendo Carolina

Everybody near the coast thought it would be disasterous for the low-lying Video-Game country. It wasn't affected, though. Tsunami-like surges were only 2 ft (1 metero) high. But 3 people were injured by 100 mph winds.

Gnome Carolina

Statue Beach was ripped off it's foundation when the Category 2 storm struck. 1 casualty was recorded as the storm moved off the coast, sweeping him offshore and into the frigid water.



Nobody knew it was coming until Friday. They only had 1hr 30 min until arrival. The National Spotting Service off the coast of Buzzflyto was demolished by a 15 ft storm surge, as it moved along the coast. Heavy winds and rain destroyed thousands of homes and businesses in Wingsbon, resulting in 43 casualties. About 96 came from Buzzflyto.

United Beedom

The capital, Horndon, was dumped at 9:30 pm local standard time. A man in the downtown area got out of his car early on Saturday, braced against the wind trying to run, his car flipped back, and he slid backwards towards the sea. He survived, however, further away, someone else fainted from a broken-shattering window, and another from an ice cream truck breaking through.


Waspain was struck at 9:00 pm October 6. However islands off the coast were effected at around 6:00 am that same day. On Wasp Palma, boats and ships in harbors were left in ruins, and the city was destroyed by the storm. One faint occured and a ship called the S.S. Weareweird carrying 104 wasps waved back and forth, damaging the ship.


The capital of Hornetland called Horndon, which is still recovering from Hurricane Mickey back in July, was dumped at 9:30 pm.

In total, 143 faints occured, and $7 billion were paid.

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