The 2079 Gibraltar earthquake and tsunami was the worst earthquake recorded in the area since reliable records began, beating the 8.7 magnitude shock on November 1, 1755 to become the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the Straights of Gibraltar. 77 foreshocks, beginning on April 17, led up to the main shock, which occurred at 0424 UTC, lasting 5 minutes 57 seconds, and caused a 12 meter high tsunami to hit the coasts of the Atlantic over the next 10 hours. This was followed by another 2 tsunamis after more violent aftershocks hit the same area in the immediate hours following the main earthquake.

The earthquake

The main shock, which occurred at 0424 UTC, lasted 5 minutes 57 seconds, leveling all buildings that were not earthquake proofed to within 150 km of the epicenter, which as the geological surveys locally said, "it just goes to prove how severe such a shallow earthquake can be, even those areas most affected are more than 100 km away from the epicenter of the shockwave in the first place. What just then makes the idea even more hard to believe is the fact that a 147 meter tsunami is to then sweep across most of the planet in the coming days, wreaking even more havoc". At 15 km deep, it was also highly anomalous for such a high magnitude earthquake to also strike the area hit in the first place, especially at such a high magnitude.

The tsunamis

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