The 2037 Cascadia earthquake and tsunami was a catastrophic event caused by a magnitude 8.4 earthquake in the Cascadia Zone off California. The waves hit the Hawaiian coastlines over the next 14 hours, 29 minutes, causing the deaths of 12,334 people, injuring 104,279 others, and causing $155 billion in damages. The effects of these tsunamis were greatly reduced, due to the very early warnings given. Therefore, the only deaths that occurred were in California, and along the US West Coast, which couldn't be warned about the approaching tsunami before it actually happened. The earthquake that caused the tsunami was the strongest in the region since the 1700 Cascadia earthquake, and its impacts were felt across the Pacific, thanks to the tsunami. 54,542 aftershocks were felt, of which the 87 earthquakes over the 12 hours after the earthquake could be felt on the other side of the world as smaller tremors, the highest of which was a 3.8 in Hawaii shortly before the fist tsunami hit.

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