The 2035 Reunion earthquake and tsunami was one of the deadliest tsunamis on record. Triggered by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake on Reunion Island as the volcano unexpectedly bulged, causing the slopes of the volcano to the east to slip into the Indian Ocean during a Peleeian eruption of the main vent. The tsunami swept across the ocean, and besides the tsunami warnings issued by the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning Center, 154,210 people lost their lives.

The first wave, 42 meters high, swept over the ocean at 655mph, and washed thousands out into the sea, where they drowned in the turbulent waters as further tsunamis swept over the ocean. Aftershocks measuring 6.7 and 7.1 also caused 2 more tsunamis, which added to the death toll of the first tsunami. Once the waves had died down, a sound like cannon fire was heard 300 miles to the northeast of the volcano, which was carrying ash particles along it on a warm current over the area, caused by a cyclone's outflow as it neared landfall.

As the cyclone made landfall, ash and mud was swept up, which caused more of the mountain to collapse in on itself under the pressure of the wind and rain. Finally, after the 4th tsunami, the disaster calmed down, although lahars continue in the cyclone season months, causing miniature tsunamis as late as 15 years later before the area began to get back to its former glory

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