The 2018 Hilina Slump Collapse was caused by the Kilauea eruption in lower puna that began on May 3, and is still erupting and active. The Hilina Slump Collapsed when the lava hit below the water table causing Kilauea to erupt violently causing a 8.0 earthquake underwater next to the Hilina Slump. The 8.0 earthquake was felt in Honolulu with skyscrapers swaying and collapsing. 


After the Hilina Slump collapsed it caused a magnuited 9.0 earthquake the 3rd strongest after the 2011 Tokyo Earthquake and the 1960 Chile Earthquake. Next 1,000 foot waves circled the Hawaiin Islands and engulfed Honolulu. Over 1,000 people died on the Hawaiin Islands. The waves then spread over the Pacific Ocean and evacuations were taking place in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransico, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. Four hours later the now 100-foot tsunami engulfed Los Angeles, San Diego, San Fransico, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. Over 2,000,000 people died on the West Coast of the United States. The tsunami decreased to 98 foot waves engufled Chile and much of West South America. Then the now 88 foot wave engulfed Tokyo with everything gone. The tsunami now decreased to 75 feet covered much of Austrailia.


After the tsunami was gone Los Angeles didn't even exist such as San Diego. People across the world were shocked that such an event would happen. The USGS confirmed that they concealed the Hilina Slump from the public in an effort to prevent a mass panic. Even some people sued the USGS for hiding it from the public. They later confirmed 11,450,999 people died.


San Fransico Tsunami

The Tsunami after it hit San Francisco

Tsunami (3)

Tsunami hitting Mexico City


Tsunami Evacuation on Sydney, Australia Beach

10 5 - Tsunami overtakes Ship

Tsunami hitting Alaska

10.5 - Tsunami

Tsunami hitting Honolulu

Tsunami (10)

Tsunami hitting Sydney, Australia

Tsunami (11)

The tsunami hitting Chile, South America

Tsunami (36)

The tsunami after it hit Sydney, Australia

Hawaii Tsunami Flooding

The Tsunami as it engulfed Honolulu

Los Angeles Tsunami

Tsunami hitting Los Angeles

Tsunami (6)

The tsunami hitting downtown San Diego

Tsunami (8)

Tsunami hitting Tokyo

Tsunami (7)

Tsunami before hitting Australia

Tsunami (9)

Tsunami hitting Australia

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